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Puzzle car

Puzzle car

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The puzzle car is an educational toy that helps develop children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The car has a removable roof on which four puzzles are arranged to stack from largest to smallest. Children can have fun solving these puzzles by stacking them in increasing order of size.

In addition to the puzzles on the top, the puzzle car also has four sides with holes of different shapes and sizes. Children must then use their dexterity to insert the corresponding pieces into the corresponding holes. This fun activity allows children to develop their recognition of shapes while stimulating their concentration and patience.

In short, the puzzle car is a versatile toy that provides children with a fun, stimulating and creative learning experience.

Give your child this rolling toy with several options and let them discover all the possibilities it offers.


Never leave a child unsupervised with the puzzle car. Check the product before each use to be sure everything is intact. If the product is damaged, discontinue use immediately.


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