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Multi colors

Multi colors

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This fun game for children allows them to work on their fine motor skills, their coordination and their sorting skills. The multi-color consists of a puzzle with small holes, as well as many pompoms of various colors.

The aim of the game is to sort the pompoms according to their color and place them in the corresponding holes. To do this, children have small silicone cups to sort the pompoms by color, as well as tongs, a spoon and wooden chopsticks to move them from one cup to another, to place them in the right holes.

Children can choose to sort the pom poms with the tools available according to their skill level and preference. This game offers children a great opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination, sorting skills and fine motor skills while having fun.

Whether for solo or group play, this game is ideal for children who like challenges and stimulating activities that promote their cognitive and motor development.


Never leave a child unsupervised with the multi color as it contains small pieces such as pompoms. Check the product before each use to be sure everything is intact. If the product is damaged, discontinue use immediately.

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